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On the back of the inside smaller compartments are sewn to store business cards etc.

A handy wallet that keeps track of your money, receipts, cards, business cards, etc.

For 10 years, we kept on sewing different versions of this to ourselves and now we are finally satisfied

On the outside is a kardborrestängt compartments for ID / access control cards often be viewed / used. You do not have to open your wallet to view it

At the top of the wallet are two loops that you can attach a string (not included). Then you can carry your wallet around your neck with such ID cards in the outer compartment visible

The inside has an extremely kardborrestängt compartments for coins, two piece window for ID / Driver's license and 4 slots for credit cards or parking receipts equivalent. There's even a compartment behind for membership cards etc.

On the inside it sits a larger compartment for bills, with a big behind compartments for receipts or notes from another country.

On the inside back sits a few minor trade for their own and other people's business cards and more.

Polyurethane coated polyamide

60 g

14 x 10 x 1 cm

Fits in:
Money, creidt card, ID card etc

Fits on:
In your hand, around your neck or in your pocket


A practical wallet that we have been working on for 10 years, making it for our selves, using it and refining it over time. Now we are ready to release it to you.

There is a velcro closed compartment on the outside for an ID cord or similar that you often have to show or use. Then you don´t have to open the wallet to use it

In the upper edge of the wallet two loops for a string (not included) are placed. These makes it possible to carry the wallet around your neck with the ID card exposed

On the surface of the inside a velcro closed compartment for coins, two windows for ID cards and 4 compartments for credit cards or parking tickets etc. There is aso a compartment for membership cards etc.

On the inside there is a full width compartment for notes with a divider wall making space for separate storage of foreign notes