Telescopic Baton Holder -08, Black

Telescopic Baton Holder -08, Black

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A light holder for safe and comfortable transportation that allows quick access to the baton and is easy to mount on your belt


  • The holder has an elastic band at the top for additional protection of the baton. The bag is an elastic band for holding the baton in place
  • The lid can be opened or removed so that you can tuck in a deployed baton
  • Stiff-cut opening makes it easy to stop back baton in the holder
  • The holder is attached to the belt with Velcro strips on its back. Open them and thread them around the outer belt but that you need to remove the other from the belt
  • You can put a folded telescopic baton if you open the push button in the bottom of the bracket
  • Mounted horizontally or vertically, you choose
  • This telescopic baton holster can be attached to our equipment belt or equipment vest vertically or horizontally. It can also be carried concealed on your trouser belt
  • Fits most telescopic batons
  • Large opening in the top to make it easy to insert the baton after use
  • Elastic loop to secure the baton
  • The bottom has an opening so an extended baton can be inserted. The opening can be closed with a flap with press button
  • Velcro Vertical/Horizontal attachment system makes it possible to attach the pouch on any equipment vest or belt
  • You can wear the holder horizontally on a trousers belt. Maximum comfort and discretion combined with high availability.Material: Polyurethane coated polyamide and plastic PE board

Weight: 68 g
Dimensions: L= 20, W= 5 & D= 6

Fits in:
Expandable baton

Fits on:
Equipment vest, belt, leg plate or leg attachment