Organized bag - 11

Organized bag - 11

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The bag you use to keep track of your equipment.

Perfect for paramedics, investigators, technicians and others


One large compartment with Velcro to fasten loose baffles against

A large upper compartment with elastic bands

Two side pockets with interior compartments, which can be removed or worn on a belt

A large front pocket with internal compartments, which can be removed or worn on a belt

Bracket for outer pockets on the top of the lid

Padded shoulder straps which can be used to carry the bag as a backpack or a shoulder bag

Movable walls that can be configured to fit your equipment

Hard plastic and soft foam in all the walls and lids to protect your equipment

Padded handles

Light color inside the bag to make it easier to find in the

Velcro straps inside the bag and cap for installation of our stake pockets

Velcro on the outside of your unit and personal brand.

OBS The transparent insert pockets are purchased separately and are not included in the bag.

The bag comes with no content. 

Weight: 3300g


Measurement: W=25, L=50 & H=35 cm (45 L)

Colours: Black and Grey