Multipurpose Bag, Small

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Volume: 3L

Dimensions: 25 × 21 × 8 cm

Fits in:
Medical supplies or technical equipment

Fits on:
The equipment vest, the specialist backpack or directly on the leg


The bag for the sectionAdequate size for what you need but not too bulky on your leg.

A well protected, versatile, light and flexible bag for first-aid, technical or other equipment that you want to keep in order. The bag is easy to fit on your belt or around your leg

  • Just sufficient for the groups immediate needs

  • The bag is closed with a protected zip so the the contens won’t fall out

  • While mounted on your leg the compartments in the bag are designed to work when standing or kneeling, to be as easy to work with as possible

  • There are compartments designed for first-aid kit or technical equipment

  • Outer compartment for scissors, surgical gloves and other equipment which first is used in an emergency. Sold without content

  • Other pouches can be attached on the outside of the bag

  • The bands can easily be mounted on your belt without opening your belt

  • The leg band is elastic and is closed with velcro to make sure the bag sits securly around your leg

  • Remove the leg band, the buckles and the attachment bands

  • Now you can weave it onto your vest