Multipurpose Bag, Small

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Now you can weave it onto your vest

470 g Dimensions: H = 25, W = 21, D = 8 cm Fits in: Medical supplies or equipment Fits on:equipment vest, backpack or specialist directly on bone characteristics :

The case for the group. 
Right size for what is needed, but not bulky on the leg.

A protected and versatile, easy, safe and convenient bag for hospital equipment, technical equipment or anything else that you want to keep track of. The bag is easy to attach to your belt / around the leg.

Just in time for the group's immediate needs

The bag closes with a covered zipper to the contents not be able to fall out

The compartments in the bag is oriented to work to work in when you sit on your knees and have your bag on

The bag can be worn on the leg, attached to a belt or attached to the vest

Outer compartment for scissors and disposable gloves etc open with zip

It has inner compartments suitable medical equipment, field work equipment or other technical equipment

The front compartment is made of scissors, first need for small items and rubber gloves that is what you first need in an accident. NOTE: The bag is sold without content

On the outside, you can assemble multiple bags

The hose clamps are easily mounted with Velcro straps around the belt without belt open

Leg strap is elastic, closed with Velcro and attach the bag stable around the leg

The bag comes with no content.  

470 g

H= 25, W=21, D=8 cm

Fits in:
Medical supplies or technical equipment

Fits on:
The equipment vest, the specialist backpack or directly on the leg


The bag for the section. Adequate size for what you need but not too bulky on your leg.

A well protected, versatile, light and flexible bag for first-aid, technical or other equipment that you want to keep in order. The bag is easy to fit on your belt or around your leg

Just sufficient for the groups immediate needs

The bag is closed with a protected zip so the the contens won't fall out

While mounted on your leg the compartments in the bag are designed to work when standing or kneeling, to be as easy to work with as possible

There are compartments designed for first-aid kit or technical equipment

Outer compartment for scissors, surgical gloves and other equipment which first is used in an emergency. Sold without content

Other pouches can be attached on the outside of the bag

The bands can easily be mounted on your belt without opening your belt

The leg band is elastic and is closed with velcro to make sure the bag sits securly around your leg

Remove the leg band, the buckles and the attachment bands