Large Key Silencer, Black

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Padded cover with Velcro closure

Velcro attachment system makes it possible to attach the pouch on any equipment vest or belt

Lightweight, protective case for keys that prevent the keys rattle and is simple to use, mount and dismount the equipment belt

The case is securely mounted on the belt

The keys are stuck in a key ring and attached to the case with a strong push button

The entire case is padded to prevent rattling and increase durability

The case can be adapted to different sized key rings

Attaches without removing others from the belt

The case attached to your belt with Velcro strips on its back.

You can open links and thread them around the outer belt but that you need to remove the other from the belt

The case weighs only 50 grams. It does not absorb water and will therefore not be heavier in the rain.

Polyurethane coated polyamide and closed cell foam


50 g

L= 14, W= 8 & D= 2

Fits in:

Fits on:
The equipment belt


Protects a large bunch of keys and keeps them from rattling

Press button closure for the key ring (included)