Equipment Belt, Police -09, Black

Equipment Belt, Police -09, Black

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An ergonomically and light weight designed belt to improve your comfort when you carry a heavy load



  • A safety buckle that requires pressing three places at the same time to open the belt. This feature prevents the strap from opening accidentally. A safety strap with Velcro secures and protects the buckle
  • Belt clip holds the end of the inner and outer belt
  • Padded inner belt with rigid outer and soft inside for maximum comfort
  • Pockets and holders attached around the outer belt.
  • The outer belt is 50mm wide and stiffened to the pockets should sit stablit and safely.
  • No uncomfortable buckles or other irregularities may therefore pushing against your body
  • Ergonomically shaped inner belt that is förböjt to follow hip shape. This design minimizes the creases that can press against your body
  • Friktionstyg inside holding up the belt with less pressure around the hips
  • Channels on the outside of the inner belt to tie
  • A Velcro strap that can be fitted to your existing pockets and holster comes with belt.
  • Material: Polyamide webbing, polyurethane coated polyamide fabric with closed cell foam
  • Weight: 450 g
  • NOTE: Belt ahjuster has do be ordered separately!


Fits in:
All pouches and holders

The belt fits the following waist measurements:
XSmall: 65-93 cm
Small: 75-103 cm
Medium: 85-113 cm
Large: 95-123 cm
XLarge: 105-133 cm
XXLarge: 120-148 cm


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