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Doculus Lumus®-requirements fulfilled Specifications at a glance
• 15x or22x magnification with a chromatic, colour true and distortion-free qualityglasslenssystemwith an inspectionareaofmorethan2 cm withoutlight fromoutside
• 4 LEDs forincidentlight withextra strong boost(torch light mode)
• 4 LEDs forUV 365 nm extra strong, replacement for your UV-torch andwithmagnificationto detect UV nanofeatures
• 8 LEDs forautomaticrotatingobliquelight: 8 times changing darkfieldilluminationmakesraisedfeaturesandpaperfibresvisiblelike a 3D realisticobject, also perfectforcolourchangingholograms
• Right-/ left-handedmode: forall whowantto haveincidentlight activatedbythethumb
• Steadylight fordocumentationpurposes: 1min active, availableon all light wave lengths; documentationwithoutanyadditional APP, just takenwithyourownsmartphoneortabletcamera
• Automaticshutdownafter 1min evenwithdurationkeypress (if activatedby accidentduring transportation)
• Minimum 3-5 monthsbatterylifetimewithjust 2 AAA standardbatteriesorrechargeables(„eneloop“)
• Large andsensible occupiedbuttonsforusagewithglovesandhandwristband
• Robust but small housing anddesign: dropsafefromupto 1,5m, fitsin anyshirtpocket
• Certifications: Europe (CE), USA (FCC), Canada, Australia(ACMA) andNew Zealand
• E-passport verification with RFID quick check forall passporttransponders(Type A, Type B, ID andICAO)
• Colours: blue, red, violet, grey, lime, orange orNEW Military forest (olive) ordesert (sand)
This unit has been developed with and for police officers. Everything that document checkers need to confirm the suspicion of a counterfeit in 30 seconds has been implemented.

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