Combination Glove Holder -09, Black

Combination Glove Holder -09, Black

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An easy, secure and flexible holders for gloves that are easy to use and assemble and disassemble the equipment belt.

  • Suitable for a standard pair of gloves or two pairs of disposable gloves
  • A versitile glove holder for 2 pairs of surgical gloves or one pair of normal gloves
  • 2 inside compartments for disposable gloves
  • Fits most gloves vertically or horisontally
  • Verticall leaves more space for other things on the belt
  • There i exposed rubber on the inside of the holder to prevent the gloves from slipping out of the holder
  • Velcro attachment system makes it possible to attach the pouch on any equipment vest or belt
  • It is attached on the belt with the velcro bands on the back of the pouch
  • You can attach the holder without removing the pouches from the beltAttaches without removing others from the belt
  • 2 interior compartments disposable gloves
  • Frequently gloves can be worn vertically or horizontally
  • Vertically takes a minimum space on the belt and leaves more room for other things
  • Elastic with exposed rubber will prevent the gloves worn vertically sliding down
  • It is attached to the belt with Velcro strips on its back
  • You can open links and thread them around the outer belt but that you need to remove the rest of the belt.


Material: Polyamide fabric, Lycra mesh and polyester Webbing/Velcro
Weight: 40 g
Dimensions: L= 10, W= 9 & D=2-4

Fits in:
Gloves and disposable gloves

Fits on:

The equipment belt and all other plattforms