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Shaped to sit really snug along the back.
Rigid head hole and cut out in the lid to allow you to lean your head back when wearing the backpack.
Shoulder pads are made from plastic foam and 1mm hard plastic for comfort and even balance of the weight. They have a chest strap and attachment for handset/microphone.
The main compartment has a large U-shaped zipped opening to access the top part of the backpack.
The sleeping bag compartment in the bottom of the backpack can also be accessed through a U-shaped opening in the bottom of the backpack.
Two 11L removable side pockets with zipped opening on both sides that can be accessed when you sit on the backpack or store it in the tent. The side pockets can be carried as backpacks them selves.
Top lid that also can be carried as a hip pack or small backpack. The top lid is designed to carry a spare sweater, mines, a hydration system, your admin book or similar. 3L Front of lid compartment with zip for flashlights, spare batteries, insect repellant etc. Holder for a helmet, your poncho or similar on top of the lid.
Hip belt with plastic sheet and firm foam for comfort and stability    
The hip belt is center attached, allowing for free movement. Sledge attachment points on the hip belt.
Velcro patch for owner marking.
Roll up ends on all straps.
Size 90L

Available in colors Grey and Multicam

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